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Cyber Sainik is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in Denver, CO specializing in security information and event management (SIEM), extended detection and response (XDR), and so much more. Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to provide your business or organization with vital understandings of current & potential risks along with advanced protection & security of critical systems. All of this, plus state-of-the-art security technology products for greater protection, and long-term durability. 

Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and machine learning, we are developing our own intellectual property (IP) to provide the comprehensive protection that our clients deserve. Today, we provide this end-to-end security by way of our in-house cybersecurity specialists, alongside premiere security technology partners such as Trend Micro, LogRhythm, Fortinet and others. For those still determining their cybersecurity needs, we offer exceptional security consulting services to help clients find the right solution for their organizations.

Understanding the Attack Surface Area

Achieving a secure network is no easy feat in today’s digital world. As the attack surfaces expand with more organizations working remotely, cybercriminals are finding new avenues to exploit. These many avenues are what’s often referred to as an attack surface. An organization’s attack surface may include company phones, email apps, CRM platforms, POS systems, etc. According to our partners at Fortinet, “the attack surface is the number of all possible points, or attack vectors, where an unauthorized user can access a system and extract data.” To understand the potential for damage an attack surface may have, cybersecurity experts break down the concept of attack surface further to include attack vector. While the attack surface is the digital space which cyber criminals attack or breach, the attack vector is the medium or mode through which they gain unauthorized access. Attack vectors look like malware, phishing, compromised passwords, encryption errors, and  prone software. 

Vulnerability Assessment, Management & Protection Services

In order to understand an organization’s attack surface, cybersecurity specialists like those at Cyber Sainik conduct comprehensive assessments to assess and evaluate the risk of your environment, and attack surface. These in-depth analyses include penetration testing. Penetration testing, also known as pentesting, differentiates itself from traditional avenues of assessment. Specifically, it allows for an overall assessment of a system’s vulnerabilities and provides further insights on potential areas of susceptibility. More than that, pentests offer this information in a hierarchical fashion, alerting security specialists of the areas most susceptible. By evaluating & assessing your Denver organization’s vulnerabilities, our cybersecurity specialists can tailor a solution using a deep understanding of your company’s security needs and priorities. 

Starting with the Network: Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Network detection and response (NDR) is becoming a growing need for most Denver organizations. The task is immense and requires the processing and analysis of significant quantities of data. NDR does more than protect you from typical bad actors, though. Our quality network detection methods consistently monitor your environment, searching for deviations from a baseline. Doing so allows for the detection of new deviations in addition to the typical signatures. All these efforts, combined with swift, knowledgeable incident response executed by our SOC team, allows for the comprehensive network security that your Denver, CO organization deserves.

Beyond the Firewall: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

The ongoing and advanced efforts of cyberhackers has prompted Cyber Sainik to deploy a variety of tools and technology, such as endpoint detection and response (EDR). EDR takes on a more stringent, “worst case scenario” approach to security, operating under the assumption that a breach has occurred. This encompassing security technology allows for swift detection and response to abnormalities and/or suspicious activity. Using our in-house security team, we’re able to provide ongoing monitoring and management of your critical systems by way of endpoint detection and response technology. 

On the Inside: Vulnerability Management & Protection Services in Denver, CO

Due to the evolution of cyber threats and attacks, Cyber Sainik along with so many others have adapted a Zero Trust network security philosophy. As so many cybercriminals rely on human error, such as a click on an unsuspecting email attachment, this Zero Trust network security philosophy understands that threats will arise from inside and outside the network and/or application. Zero Trust philosophies enable our team to confirm each and every access attempt for next level network security. Some of this goes beyond the efforts of cybersecurity technology and reaches into the critical factor of human error. To embolden your team with an extra level of authority over the organization’s security, we provide Security Awareness Training via KnowBe4 and other partners. In doing so, we help to eliminate the critical factor of human error.

Cybersecurity Solutions & Strategies From a Leading MSSP

Cyber Sainik understands cybersecurity threats better than most. With the potential for attacks increasing as more organizations transition to a hybrid work environment, it’s crucial to invest in a cybersecurity service that meets your needs completely. While our services begin with an assessment of your organization’s vulnerabilities using exceptional scanning technology, they don’t end there. We provide 24/7, 365 days-a-year monitoring and management services to Denver, CO areas. Threat detection services, like Cyber Sainik’s, find and address potential and active threats for a proactive approach to security. Contact our team today for a free penetration test that provides key insights on your organization’s cyber security status.

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) Services 

SIEM software is designed to collect real-time data from an organization’s various infrastructures to analyze events. This collection of data is to allow for quick response to potential breaches and early discovery of active threats. Our team makes use of this SIEM software along with big data analytics and machine learning to log events from a variety of security products for analysis. In doing so, they provide ongoing, real-time detection and response. For the managed security services and SIEM that your Denver, CO business requires, give the team at Cyber Sainik a call today.

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