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Uncover Gaps in Your Attack Surface with Penetration Testing: Assessments, Scanning & More

Penetration testing, or pentesting, is a process that provides insight on gaps within your organization’s attack surface. During a pentest, a pentester conducts a simulated attack to expose areas of weakness that can be used by a cybercriminal to access sensitive data and/or critical systems. Once discovered, these results help organizations determine methods for vulnerability management, remediation, and better practices where their cybersecurity is concerned.

Key Indications That Your Organization Needs a Pen test

The increasing intricacy of cyber criminality causes pentesting to play a big role in vulnerability management. Cybersecurity defenders have come up with many ways to combat growing complexity via vulnerability management methods. While pentests differ in a number of ways from vulnerability assessments and scanning, they can be used in conjunction to manage weaknesses overall and define best practices for your organization’s security. 

Dissimilar from vulnerability assessment programs, which are continuous, pentests provide a snapshot of your organization’s cyber health at specific point in time. They are designed to simulate a real-life attack so as to provide the most realistic understanding of the environment’s cyber standing. As cyber criminality has grown more complex Once conducted, the results of a pentest can be used to define ways to reduce cyber risk and bolster vulnerability management and assessment practices. 

If your organization already has a security program in place, we recommend conducting a pentest one to three times a year. This is to help ensure that any previously-discovered vulnerabilities have been treated successfully, and do not pose a threat to your organization. There are other crucial times to conduct a pentest, such as:

  • When your organization or business makes changes to its structure, such as adding or removing employees
  • When your organization or business makes changes to its cyber environments, such as increased remote work and/or hybrid work environments
  • When your organization must adhere to compliance & regulations

Changes like these involve adding new devices, using additional technology, or increasing technology usage altogether. Although these technological changes seem minor, and often mean growth within the business, they can have deleterious impacts to your cybersecurity if unaccounted for. 

In cases of compliance, pentesting helps to ensure your organization is up-to-date and compliant with regulatory practices and procedures. A pentest helps reveal ways in which an attacker can obtain personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PHI), credentials, sensitive data and other critical information and systems. Once revealed, your organization can devise a plan for better protection and security. Talk with our specialists about our Penetration Testing Services today.

The Importance of Penetration Testing

You can begin to think of pentesting as a standard housekeeping practice for your organization. Unlike the unchecked ceiling fans or floor boards, though, a gap in your attack surface can result in a breach, accompanied by an expense. On average, breaches caused by phishing, and credential-related breaches, cost US$4.76 million and US4.62 million, respectively. (Cost of Data Breach 2023 Report). Routine penetration testing, sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking”, can not only measure the efficacy of your current VM program, but it can help spare you stress, and a loss of resources. We begin our pentesting process with a consultation. 

Pen Testing Methods & Best Practices

When completing a pentest, also referred to as an “attack simulation”, understanding the methods behind help determine the scope. These methods often fall under the categories of black box or white box penetration testing. With black box testing, the pentester receives no prior knowledge of the systems or security programs in place. Conversely, white box pentesting is completed with knowledge and/or certain privileges already acquired. Contact Cyber Sainik to learn more about which test is right for you.  (Penetration testing 2018)

How to Begin Your Organization’s Penetration Test

Cyber Sainik’s approach to pentesting is simple and it begins with a consultation. Thereafter, we’ll be with you from beginning to end of the test to help reveal the gaps within your attack surface. Should you require our assistance after that, we provide pentesting services, remediation services, incident response, along with 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year. Don’t wait until it’s urgent to improve your cybersecurity program. Stay one step ahead of bad actors and contact our team to improve your security standing today.

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