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Security Strategy Consulting

We collaborate with our customers to develop a business approach to security management by providing cyber security consulting services. Cyber Sainik global advisory experience expertise helps and guides you to address complex issues with effective strategies and equips you with the tools that offer expertise to manage risk.  Our security practices will ensure you that every dollar spent on security functions yields a return on investment. Multi layered model is required for an effective strategy that works across all levels of the business. We guide our customers with each layer that is important and failure in one layer will lead to misfunction in the operation.  Cyber Sainik’s security strategy consulting guides our clients to develop business security strategies that protect business-critical assets and ensure business continuity.

Cloud Security Consulting

Applying cloud security best practices will provide long-term benefits in safeguarding your business assets. Cyber Sainik provides could security consulting solutions that review and assess your cloud deployments. Our team of experts identifies cloud vulnerabilities and provides advice on areas of cloud security improvements.

Cyber Sainik uses best practices and guides you through industry standards and describes assessments, makes recommendations on your next steps to improve your cloud security position. Our cloud security assessment evaluates your cloud management program and guides you through actionable steps to improve your cloud security to protect organization data by leveraging public, private or hybrid clouds.

Security Assessments & Compliance

Cyber Sainik Security Assessments service solves the security risks and compliance of the entire enterprise and guide you through a centralized approach. Our security assessment procedures will be tailored to meet your compliance, reliability, or validation objectives for your security approach.

Cyber Sainik Security Assessments are done on a weekly or monthly basis. These security assessments are conducted on IT systems, networks, and cloud environments. Our experts will observe the system to identify the requirements of the task and identify the problems to create an action plan for our customers. A penetration tests, Vulnerability scans are conducted to test the security level.

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