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Security as a Service For All Businesses


Security Assessments & Compliance

We offer expertise who understands all the aspects of your Security Assessments & Compliance.

Security assessments help your organization in staying ahead when it comes to security risks. Cyber Sainik Security Assessments service provides comprehensive security assessment consulting services to solve the security risks and compliance of your company and guide you through a centralized approach on a specific risk of the business. We assist you through various assessments and compliance services to make sure that your company is able to remain to stay compliant with the guidelines and rules set out by local regulatory bodies

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Cybersecurity Control Assessments

Cyber Sainik cybersecurity control assessments advise you on an independent and comprehensive analysis of your company’s ability to protect business data from cyber threats. In the evaluation, we analyze your existing security controls and correlate them with regulations, guide you with industry standards and determine the maturity of your current information security control. We meet your company’s needs and make recommendations to improve your company’s cybersecurity level.


Security Compliance Consulting

Our security compliance experts help you to identify the vulnerabilities, Security risks and meet security compliance in an effective method. We guide you in maintaining the highest level of industry compliance and government mandates. We offer expertise who understands all the aspects of your security compliances. Our Security compliance consulting services are customizable and can assist you through any aspect of cybersecurity, such as technology, policies and procedures, security compliance and more


  • Security Controls: Through the security assessment and compliance, you can understand the effectiveness of security measures and how to update them.
  • Due Diligence: The legal impact on your business and financial penalties may depend on your due diligence in preventing threats. A security assessment is the first step of showing due diligence.
  • Compliance Posture: Understanding the current level of compliance with the required standards that make compliance easier.
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