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A virtual CISO, or virtual chief information security officer, is a cybersecurity expert who works with an organization or business to provide cybersecurity knowledge, and support. Cybersecurity technology and solutions are complex, but a virtual CISO can assist in providing direction surrounding a business’s cybersecurity decisions.

The Growing Intricacy & Prevalence of Cybercrime in the Workplace

The rise in remote work has dramatically shifted organizations’ attack surface; and as digital expansion and innovation increase, so do avenues for exploitation. According to Forbes Business journal, by 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. While many businesses have IT & security teams in place, most have yet to fully prepare for how changes in the digital landscape – such as hybrid work environments – will continue to impact the digital sphere. With this shifting attack surface arises visibility limits and a dilution in the efficacy of outdated security solutions. By limiting visibility, organizations are exposed to new threats without preventative or remediating measures enabled. Utilize vCISO services to protect your business, and prepare for the approaching innovation of tomorrow.

Benefits of a Virtual CISO

Dedicated point of contact to provide expert support and guidance on your organization’s cybersecurity strategy

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Cyber Sainik knows better than most the complexity of security solutions available today. However, it’s not always clear to organizational leaders how and why various technologies operate within the context of their security program. A virtual CISO can assist in providing expert support and knowledge surrounding an organization’s cybersecurity decisions. According to Gartner Research, “A vCISO can bridge the gap between awareness and action by assessing the situation as a part of the team, rather than as a total outsider.”1

An additional (and much needed) defender within your organization

The threat landscape and attack surface has changed dramatically due to recent events, and a centralized security approach is no longer adequate for the modern digital organization. While many businesses have IT teams and security professionals in place, vulnerability overload and a lack of automation can hamper their efforts. To accommodate these shifts, cybersecurity leaders, like vCISOs, are being placed in various areas of the organization to address the matter of security. This practice provides greater protection overall as it allows for an extensive and tailored approach to remediation, and treatment of potential and/or active threats. Positioning cybersecurity leaders in other areas of the business not only affords your organization dedicated & expert security assistance, but also a level of protection that centralized methods do not offer.

Keeper of progress

All too commonly, an organization’s current cybersecurity technology targets only areas of their digital environment, rather than working holistically and in an integrated manner with other tools. Consequently, areas are left exposed. vCISOs can not only help discern what (and where) those vulnerabilities are using persistent scanning and assessment technology, but they can also monitor a security program to ensure its success. Monitoring and reporting are vital pieces in understanding the quality and efficacy of a cybersecurity program. Counting on the expertise of vCISO to keep track of security pieces such as these is a step in the right direction when it comes to improving a business’s resilience and overall security posture.

Secure Avenues for Growth, Expansion, and Innovation

When it comes to an organization’s innovation and growth, having a vCISO is invaluable. Their expertise and insight help the organization advance in the digital sphere, while also staying compliant with industry standards. They allow the organization to stay one step ahead of bad actors, in addition to preparing it for future threats that inevitably arise when a business grows or advances. Adding even one new employee to a team adds additional cybersecurity risks. Investing in a vCISO aware of the organization’s plans for advancement allows for a security program that is uniquely tailored to, and for, the business’s future plans. Organizational leaders, backed by the expertise of a chief information security officer, are emboldened to innovate, and minimize associated risks.

Financial Benefits and ROI

Virtual CISOs provide a variety of financial benefits to an organization. Starting with the current IT or security team, they help make the most of the talent and resources at hand. More than that, they provide guidance on new security threats and strategies, to help spare future headaches and costs that are associated with a breach. On average, breaches caused by phishing, and credential-related breaches, cost US$4.76 million and US4.62 million, respectively, according to IBM’s Cost of Data Breach Report 2023. The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was USD$4.45 million, a 15% increase over 3 years. By positioning the right solutions in the right place to fight off threats, virtual CISOs enable businesses to utilize their cybersecurity tech and team to fullest, saving them time, energy, and other valuable resources.

Cyber Sainik’s Virtual CISO Services

Cyber Sainik is your go-to provider for vCISO services. Our team members are expertly trained, and uniquely prepared to assist in your organization’s security program. More than that, experience in providing security as a service to a wide range of institutions enables our vCISOs to assist healthcare providers, local governments, academic institutions, MSPs, manufacturing companies and more. From vulnerability management to laptop and device security, we’re equipped with a variety of solutions to secure your organization from the inside out. Contact Cyber Sainik to begin your vCISO services today!

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