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Public cloud infrastructure is a top challenge for cybersecurity leaders and a major source of cyber exposure. With hundreds of potential attack vectors, innumerable assets, and rapid transformation of work environments, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for traditional security & IT teams to address each vulnerability that arises. Gaining visibility into assets is hard enough, let alone continuously scanning them for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Organizations require a complete picture of their cyber risk, not siloed visibility due to disparate tools. Cyber Sainik offers vulnerability management solutions designed to provide complete visibility to allow security teams to identify vulnerabilities quickly and address them with the right support.

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Gain full visibility into the cyber exposure of your network.

While attackers look for new ways to exploit weaknesses, our security team will help you:

  • Establish a healthy vulnerability management program to prioritize areas of insecurity and mitigate risk within the organization
  • Determine best practices for treatment of weaknesses 
  • Adopt new methods today to protect your organization, and its network, from the threats of tomorrow
  • Assess the efficacy of vulnerability management practices to provide a modern, comprehensive approach to protection

Vulnerability Protection Benefits

  • Unified visibility into assets, vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Eliminate blind spots with live visibility into network
  • Accelerates security risk assessment to quickly identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • Security support for your business from the Cyber Sainik team

Vulnerability Protection Features

  • Integrate security controls into the CI/CD pipeline for fast and efficient remediation
  • Data loss prevention
  • Dynamic asset tracking
  • Passive network monitoring
  • Simplified vulnerability management

The Answer to an MSP’s Constraints

Managed Service Providers (MSP) have long been considered the experts and advisors in all things IT. As the complexity of cyber criminality increases, though, so does the need for greater attention to cybersecurity.​ Cyber criminals are finding new methods to target organizations via MSPs providing IT services to businesses. The limits of traditional IT teams, coupled with the increases in threats, demand the skill of a seasoned Managed Security Service Provider like Cyber Sainik. By way of our robust vulnerability management methods and programs, we’ll help your organization diversify their range of services via a single-vendor approach to vulnerability protection. 

Consistent, Uniform Protection for Organizations & Institutions

Unlike most MSSPs, our comprehensive vulnerability protection services are customizable, making us a reliable solution for businesses large and small. More than that, our familiarity in providing security as a service to a wide range of institutions enables our specialists to develop tailored and effective vulnerability protection programs for healthcare providers, local governments, academic institutions, MSPs, manufacturing companies and more. Regardless of size, scope, or operating system, we provide constant scanning and reporting alongside consistent and uniform protection for vulnerability protection you can rely on. Get a risk-based view of your IT, security and compliance posture to quickly identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities, and mitigate them before they turn into a breach. 

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Across the Expanding Attack Surface

Conventional vulnerability protection all too often fails to expose areas of weakness that pose the greatest risk to an organization. Using modern, risk-based vulnerability management practices, Cyber Sainik uncovers risks and prioritizes them based on context to quickly identify and treat weaknesses that are most threatening to the business. With clear understandings of real risks, security teams are unhindered by traditional remediation methods that may currently be missing the mark. With the help of Cyber Sainik, you can find and remediate critical vulnerabilities that are most likely to impact your institution or business. To ensure the utmost protection, we provide 24x7x365 monitoring and management in-house via our Security Operations Center (SOC). Whether your business requires a full-scale vulnerability management program, scanning, assessments, or something in between, we’ll work alongside you to prioritize weaknesses and manage risk effectively. Schedule a consultation to begin securing vulnerabilities within your organization today.

Why Cyber Sainik?

When you enlist in the vulnerability management and protection services of Cyber Sainik, you’re afforded a variety of benefits and features that come from years of experience and expertise in providing consistent and effective cybersecurity solutions. Our efforts provide executives and their IT teams with continuous support, dedicated service, plus a comprehensive vulnerability management strategy designed for the organization’s long-term success. 

  • Cost-effective solutions designed to save you time, money and resources
  • Dependable and customizable vulnerability management processes that are scalable as the needs of the organization change or evolve
  • Risk-based protection to prioritize areas of weakness that are most threatening to the business
  • Prompt remediation and mitigation methods to provide minimal downtime and/or disruption to critical business operations
  • Quality reporting and analysis to help ensure the efficacy and effectiveness of vulnerability management programs
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