Security as a Service For All Businesses

Security Strategy Consulting

We Create a Security strategy program that meets your business needs

Improve the efficiency of your team and resources by partnering with our cybersecurity consultants. Cyber Sainik global advisory experience expertise helps and will guide you to address complex issues with effective strategies and equip you with the tools offer an expertise to manage risk.

The Cyber Sainik team will work with you to identify security vulnerabilities, formulate risk management strategies, and allocate resources more effectively to improve your business security.

Program Development and Risk Management

With the assistance of our experienced consultants, we design and develop a cybersecurity program that guide you to understand the strategic and tactical elements of a cybersecurity plan. We help you to design security infrastructure, create risk management procedures. Our team works with your team and develop a complete risk management program with appropriate policies and procedures.

Our cyber risk program management includes advice on risk assessment criteria, develop templates and guide your key stakeholders.


Security Maturity Assessment

The purpose of the Security Maturity Assessment is to gain an in-depth understanding of your current security status, objective analysis of existing plans, and strategic planning recommendations. We utilize cybersecurity best practices and frameworks to analyze gap and risk assessment of your current security maturity status. Cyber Sainik security maturity assessment will help you to understand which improvements to your cybersecurity are required and why. Your assessment will be conducted by our advisory experts, who have more than 20 years of experience in security and compliance.



  • Personalized Solutions: We study how security affects different aspects of your business and guide you in the areas that are most important to your business operations.
  • Improved Overall Security Posture: It will enable the right balance between business needs to the customer experience and meet compliance.
  • Scalable Security: Our team is always ready to expand the performance of the security program process as your business needs change.
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