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Protect your organization from spam, malware and phishing attacks.

Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. As the number one business application that organizations depend on for communication, it’s also the number one attack vector for cyber criminals. Despite significant investments in your security defenses, attackers continue to infiltrate your organization through targeted and advanced techniques. Cyber Sainik Email Security safeguards employee communication and reduces risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced security controls. It also helps organizations likes yours prevent email-borne ransomware as well as protect systems from the associated downtime or data loss.

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Email Security Benefits

  • Defend against risk of spear-phishing and advanced threats in email
  • Blocks spam and viruses
  • Protects employees against social engineering and impersonation
  • Neutralizes threats from malware attachments and poisoned URLs
  • Removes the graymail burden for end users
  • Enable automated email encryption and secure message delivery
  • Improve user security awareness
  • Detects and blocks attacks from both external and internal threats

Email Security Features

  • Impersonation protection
  • Protection against Spear-Phishing
  • Security against internal threats
  • Security inspections for inbound, outbound and internal emails
  • Comprehensive connection-based and content-based spam and phishing protection
  • Personal permit and block lists to fine tune spam preferences
  • URL re-writing of all links in emails, with one-click scans to protect end users
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