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Enhanced Security for the Digital Age: Unveiling Cyber Sainik’s XDR Platform

Cyber Sainik, a cyber technology and services company, announced strong momentum in 2023 for its Extended Detection and Response capabilities. This was due to their vendor-agnostic approach to data ingestion allowing for collation across data silos and enabling fully automated association across all sources.

The Limitations of Vendor-Focused Cybersecurity

Existing cybersecurity approaches often rely on vendor-focused data collection. This results in protection that extends only as far as a vendor’s tools can, and rarely covers the entire infrastructure. Consequently, organizations are left with holes, or vulnerabilities, in their digital armor that require significant time and effort to address. Even more, the process of integrating vendor data into cybersecurity tools can be time-consuming, expensive, and leads to technology-specific layouts and configurations. Cyber Sainik’s experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises has driven them to find a more effective way to achieve proactive defense. 

“Where we believe XDR [is evolving] to, is a more open type of platform that is not based on a specific vendor’s endpoint detection or firewall, but meets customers where they are. [It] takes the data that they’re generating and provides [them] that whole attack surface coverage in a more native and usable way,” says Cyber Sainik’s CTO, Dean Teffer. He adds, “XDRs are generally trying a different approach from the traditional methodology of “ingest and store,” to focus on the security use case.”  

A Look at Cyber Sainik’s XDR Beta Platform: Features That Set the Benchmark 

Cyber Sainik’s XDR platform inputs relevant events and statuses across the entire ecosystem, enabling autocorrelation irrespective of vendor spaces. By consolidating all relevant data and response activities in one platform, behind one pane of glass, businesses can save time and money without excessive data transfer costs, specialized labor, and data storage expenditures. Even better, Cyber Sainik’s XDR platform reduces risk proactively using proprietary Smart Connector™ technology to empower organizations to see their real-time attack surface, thus helping to improve detection and response capabilities overall. 

Unlock the Power of Proactive Protection

A cloud-based, extended detection and response platform, Cyber Sainik Avatar™ works across the entire attack surface, taking a unique approach to data configuration and consolidation. In doing so, they deliver advanced automation, improved efficiency, complete visibility, plus simplicity that scales human resources to enable tech teams. Cyber Sainik is the first to deliver a modern platform, purpose-built from the ground up to address organizations’ needs, reduce security operations’ complexity, and maximize the value of security spending. 

Shape the Future of Cyber Defense: Join Cyber Sainik’s XDR Design Partner Program 

To truly make data more intelligible, and automate detection & response processing across data silos, Cyber Sainik’s Product Engineering team is committed to extensive work. Their capacity to significantly improve user experience, and empower non-experts to utilize their product, all while delivering cost-effective attack surface management, make their efforts worthwhile. Cyber Sainik invites organizations to assess the beta XDR platform by joining their Design Partner Program. Gain access to groundbreaking XDR technology and actively shape its development by partnering with Cyber Sainik. 

Cyber Sainik protects organizations from today’s advanced threats by delivering enterprise-grade tools, techniques, processes, and expertise with 24x7x365 monitoring and management. As the provider of choice in extended detection and response, they reduce the complexity of security operations and maximize the value of security spending — all while working with their clients to detect and respond to the threats that matter most.

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