Why You Need a Vulnerability Assessment – Explained

Vulnerability Assessment

About 52% of businesses are failing to run thorough vulnerability assessments. This issue is made more troublesome because every business faces cyber-attacks these days. As attacks increase in prevalence and sophistication, cyber-attacks have become a matter of when, not if.  

If you’ve got data in the cloud or even on-premise, gaining visibility into your network and assets may seem more and more difficult. Poor visibility into your network means you may be unaware of serious vulnerabilities that create risk for your business. You need a complete picture of your cyber-risk, not siloed visibility caused by using separate tools for different assets. Performing a vulnerability assessment is the best way to get the bigger (and clearer) picture. 

What is a Vulnerability Assessment? 

My boss always uses this analogy when describing vulnerability assessments: Imagine you go on vacation and accidentally leave all of the windows and doors open in your home. When you’re gone, thieves, bad weather, and animals can get into your home to steal and break things. Now let’s take this example and apply it to your business. Your business runs on a network. Like your house, your network may have open windows in the form of flaws, misconfigurations, and un-patched issues. The catch is that you may not know those “windows” are even open in the first place. Without plugging these open holes, cyber-criminals have an even easier time wreaking havoc on your business with attacks like viruses, ransomware, and more. 

How does a Vulnerability Assessment work? 

The assessment uses automated network security scanning tools. After the scan is complete, the tool posts the results in a report, listing vulnerabilities that need to be considered and fixed immediately. We’ve run our fair share of vulnerability assessments for clients and you’d be shocked with what comes back. Once, we discovered a vulnerability that allowed us to see the usernames and passwords of an entire organization. It was an eye-opener to the client to say the least!  

Why Does Your Business Need It? 

These days, businesses big and small are facing cyber-attacks. Just one malicious attack can devastate your organization. A vulnerability assessment allows your business to identify the biggest holes in its network and greatest vulnerabilities in its end-point devices like laptops and PCs.  

You may think your business has top-tier security, but until you run a vulnerability assessment, you’ll never really know. It’s one of the biggest pieces to building a more enhanced, end-to-end security plan. 

Without conducting an assessment, your business remains prone to vulnerabilities known and unknown. Not knowing you have a vulnerability means you don’t know what to be on the lookout for in the first place.

Bottom line: you need better visibility into your network and end-point devices.  

The Bottom Line:  

At Cyber Sainik, our vulnerability assessment tool identifies and shows vulnerabilities in your network and laptop / PC devices. Our device helps you gain full visibility into network and those end-point devices. Learn more about our security-as-a-service offerings, including vulnerability assessments.

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