Security as a Service For All Businesses

Why You Need a SIEM Tool

SIEM – stands for Security Information & Event Management. SIEM has become a vital part of the security strategy of all growing businesses. By 2021, global spending on SIEM is projected to be at $3.4 billion dollars, and for good reason. We all know the next generation of threats to our society will be waged online, but SIEM is here to help. Breaches are now a matter of when not if. That’s why the best cyber-security incorporates real-time identification of breaches and instant response using SIEM. 


What is SIEM? 

Security Event & Information Management (SIEM) is a software tool that gives security professionals insight into all the activities that occur in their IT environments. A SIEM gathers and analyzes real-time logs coming across the network from a multitude of software and networks. It then takes the data logs, processes the logs, and standardizes them to a threat-free IT environment. Going forward, the SIEM compares new logs that enter the system to the standardized logs. When new logs deviate from the standardized logs, alert notifications are sent out to inform security professionals that immediate action is required.  

In addition, most SIEMs have the ability to use threat intelligence feeds. These intelligence feeds contain valuable information about recently observed threats around the world, enabling the SIEM to perform threat detection more quickly and with greater confidence. 


What is a Log? 

A log is a data point that is time-stamped and documents the events that occur in a particular system. Log management is an integral part of SIEM tools. The SIEM will process, collect, and store data logs over a period of time in order to analyze trends and records that occur over systems, networks, and IT environments. Logs come from all sorts of different places within an organization, including security controls, operating systems, applications, databases, software, hardware, etc.  

The ultimate goal of a SIEM is to automate log collection, analysis, and processing to block harmful activity in real-time and produce alerts to inform the right people at the right time.  


Which Organizations Need a SIEM Tool? 

All organizations need a SIEM tool. Small organizations and enterprises businesses alike can and should use an SIEM tool. The main reason? Everyone has something to lose due to cyber-attacks. You’ve expended blood, sweat, and tears to grow your business, but in the age of growing cyber-attacks, one breech can take it all away. Additionally, your business doesn’t need to hire or outsource security professionals to manage your SIEM. Many businesses choose to buy an SIEM from a service provider, like Cyber Sainik, that can also manage the SIEM. Protecting your business from cyber-attacks is a no-brainer and has never been easier with SIEM. 


The Bottom Line 

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can ensure that the SIEM syncs to your business needs by implementing the right rules and looping in the right people when issues arise. Our Managed SIEM Services can help you implement and monitor your SIEM on a 24x7x365 basis so that you can feel comfortable and secure that your SIEM is working for you, not against you. Contact us here at Cyber Sainik to learn more about our SIEM and other security solutions for your business.