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Why Your Laptop Need Cybersecurity

Aside from smartphones, our laptops are the most frequently used devices and the most crucial to daily operations of our businesses. They are used to communicate, collaborate, store information and so much more, which makes securing them especially critical. Below we discuss a few reasons why your laptops need cybersecurity. 


1. Cyberattacks

At some point, we’ve all made the mistake of installing software that we weren’t familiar with, clicking on a suspicious link, or downloading an attachment from an unknown source. Sometimes it’s no big deal, but much of the time, when clicked on or downloaded, malware or other threats will be immediately installed, resulting in an instant infection on your laptop. The same thing can happen with ransomware. A user clicks on a link or downloads an attachment and must pay ransom to retrieve the files that were on their laptop.

When incidents like this happen, not only are the laptops infected and essential information has spread, but this can create a domino effect by stealing the user’s identity and damaging an entire company network. A cyberattack can cost a company $200,000 on average, putting many organizations out of business. Additionally, a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds. While many of these incidents can happen instantaneously, it can also take businesses or individuals, months to even detect a breach, which ultimately means, that your network could be compromised as we speak, and you aren’t even aware.

So, what does this have to do with your laptops? As we mentioned previously, laptops are a typical gateway to larger issues. In many instances, they are where the problem originated in the first place, stemming from human error. Although human error can be reduced through proper cybersecurity training, a strong disaster recovery plan, and many more preventative measures, cybersecurity solutions specifically, Cyber Sainik Security for Laptops protect your laptops, no matter what and under any circumstance, meaning, end-users, and businesses are secured from phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

2. Network & Laptop Vulnerabilities

Another reason cybersecurity for laptops is so critical is because networks and devices are prone to vulnerabilities. Cyber Sainik for Laptops is a solution that uses Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Cyber Sainik’s Security Operations Center (SOC) to protect laptops. The SIEM tool is implemented on the laptop and uses data logs to collect information, look for vulnerabilities within networks, and patch up any areas that need extra attention.

One critical reason that laptops are often where cyber threats begin is outdated software. We’re all procrastinators when it comes to updating our software. Sometimes we just put it off because updates can take a while, and other times, users have the misconception that software updates are merely enhancements and new perks added to their laptops, therefore, they brush them under the table. However, software updates are for far more than just improvements to the end-user experience. They help to maintain strong laptops and to increase their longevity. Failure to update your laptops, which many of us are guilty of, increases their vulnerability.

This is yet another reason why Cyber Sainik Security for Laptops is important. Even if it’s been quite some time since you last updated your laptop, you can rest assured knowing there’s a 99.99% protection guarantee for your device with Cyber Sainik.

Additionally, weak passwords make our laptops more vulnerable to cyber threats. Out of convenience, we like to recycle passwords, use obvious ones, and share them with others. There are many password dos and don’ts that we are aware of, but more than likely, many of us aren’t truly faithful to those guidelines. Weak passwords are at the core of human error, and whether you realize it or not, something that seems so microscopic and innocent can have a catastrophic impact on you or your business, even something as simple as the password you use to log into your laptop.

3. Email Protection

While we spend most of our days in front of our screens, much of that time is spent sending and receiving emails, whether for business or personal reasons, increasing the importance of Email Security. This adds an extra security layer to ensure ultimate laptop protection. In case you’re not familiar with this cybersecurity solution, it defends against spear-phishing, blocks spam, and viruses, protects against impersonators, improves the end-user’s security awareness, neutralizes threats from malware attachments and malicious URLs, and more.

4. Mobile Workforce

Remote work has become the new norm. As convenient as it is for businesses to operate remotely, it also increases their risks for cyberattacks. This is because employees are operating on multiple networks, which in short, ties back to the business’ main network. The more devices and networks a business is on, the more options it gives cyber criminals.

From an individual standpoint, working remotely can increase an end-user’s risk of identity theft, ransomware attacks, and more. Many of us take our laptops with us everywhere, whether that’s to a coffee shop, a hotel, the airport, or a restaurant. What do these places have in common? They all have unsecured networks, which means virtually anyone can go into these networks, including hackers, thus increasing an individual’s potential of exposing critical files, credit card numbers, and other private information that is saved or stored on a laptop.

For both businesses and individual people, the mobile workforce is yet another reason your laptops need cybersecurity solutions like Cyber Sainik Security for Laptops because it allows you to maintain the leisure of the mobile workforce without compromising your protection.


Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons why your laptops need cybersecurity. Unless you invest in the necessary tools and protection, your chances of falling victim increase tremendously, regardless if you’re an end-user, a small business, or a large enterprise. Contact Cyber Sainik to learn more about cybersecurity services.