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Top 4 Factors to Consider While Choosing an Email Security Service Provider for your Business

Every organization uses email for communication. Investing in the appropriate email security is critical for protecting the security of your business, and selecting the correct email security service provider can provide you with a competitive advantage. According to the Greathorn 2021 Email Security Benchmark Report. email security was ranked as the top IT security project of 2021 due to increase in the phishing attack.

Looking at the type of Cyberattacks, Email attacks are the number one concern for organizations, Therefore Choosing an effective email security service provider who can provide a multi-layered email security solution and migrate the losses is important for your business.

4 Factors To Consider While Choosing An Email Security Service Provider For Your Business

1) Inbound and outbound email control

Inbound emails should have basic security checks such as spam detection, validation of sender, etc. There have been numerous situations where insider threats have resulted in significant losses and damages for organizations. As a result, to protect against insider risks, the company must extensively examine outbound emails. It means that an efficient email security service provider must examine internal spam emails. Any behaviors linked to sending high volumes of emails and bulk communications should be detected and notified to the user by the email security platform

2) Threat detection

Emails are the cornerstone of business communication. Even if your company uses third-party technologies to manage its numerous business tasks, such as Dropbox, Trello, and Salesforce, all of these accounts are linked to your email address. An unauthorized third party can gain access to all of these capabilities by hacking your email address. An email security service provider should be capable of detecting any threats. The threat detection should include quick notification when a malicious email is detected.

3) Customize and scalable

Check for a solution that matches the size of your business while also having the experience to adapt and handle future growth and expansion. In the future, the solution should be readily customized and scaled to fit the demands of your business. The provider should be able to assist you with your long-term goals, expansion, upgrades, migrations, unique business demands, network configuration, and email activity profile.

4) Fully managed solution

Good email security solutions integrate into an organization’s existing email infrastructure. Look for a solution that is fully managed remotely by trained personnel around the clock and provides guidance from expert engineers against any attacks. So you can focus on other elements of your organization besides email security.

Bottom Line

With the above issues in mind, you can create your comprehensive assessment criteria and choose an email security service provider that meets your organization’s requirements. To obtain a competitive advantage, you must defend your company’s single most critical communication channel. At CyberSainik, we can assist you in selecting the best email security solution for your company’s needs. Contact us today for more information.