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5 Things You Should Know About Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of publicly reported data breaches increased by 14% in the first quarter of 2022. As cybercriminals continue to attack both businesses and consumers and due to the increase in adoption of technologies like cloud, AI and IOT, Cybercriminals are targeting IT infrastructure that is simply not protected from intrusion attacks. For most organizations, implementing advanced threat protection has become a critical task. This task begins with selecting a reliable managed detection and response system.

Managed detection and response is an outsourced managed security service that provides advanced protection in your environment. MDR uses AI and machine learning for deeper security analysis. MDR not only detects intrusion malware and malicious activity on the organization’s network but also assists you in eliminating and mitigating those networks.

MDR services are backed by various technologies to provide a wide range of threat detection and response capabilities. Various technologies behind MDR are SIEM, IDR, etc. MDR ensures the organization has complete visibility of its internal and external security landscapes.


Modern security challenges

1. Inadequate intrusion protection
2. Traditional security is not enough
3. Dependence on MSPs that count alerts
4. Adhering to growing data privacy
5. Lack of dedicated and skilled IT teams
6. Ever-expanding attack surface

MDR allows for managed security that businesses and organizations need in the modern world. It is an improved method of threat detection for these reasons:

1. Detect threats in advance

  • MDR simplifies threat detection by making the organization aware of the threats it faces ahead of time.
  • It allows for the prioritization of system components that are most vulnerable or at risk via complex threat analysis.
  • Threat analysis enables security teams to take preemptive action. More simply, MDR allows for the detection of a breach before it occurs. 

2. Enhances threat prevention

  • Cybercriminals appear to have the upper hand and many business owners are frustrated with the ransomware and phishing attacks on businesses.
  • Cyber breaches cost businesses millions of dollars each year and they tarnish their reputation in the industry.
  • Threat prevention becomes security defenders’ most powerful relaying technology with MDR.
  • Proactive security monitoring can apply proven rules to a security system, bringing a new level of breach management to security teams.

3. Data Protection

  • Small or large, businesses store a massive amount of data on daily basis.
  • Because that data has proven to be invaluable, protecting it is one of the most important criteria in cybersecurity. It’s also one of the most difficult to manage.
  • MDR gives security teams a leg up in monitoring the threats, and it protects against cyber-attacks that can lead to misuse of data.

4. Antivirus is not enough

  • In the modern and very digital world, cyberattacks are increasing. Traditional antivirus is not enough.
  • Consequently, organizations are switching with increasing frequency from antivirus to MDR security services.
  • With MDR, organization can see just how often their current antivirus has failed in detecting malware.
  • With MDR technology, security teams are able to detect and prevent the hidden exploit processes that are often overlooked with traditional antivirus technology.

5. Threat Overview

  • With a threat detection and prevention dashboard in place, a security analyst can have a comprehensive understanding of security analyses.
  • MDR provides not only a seamless collection of data for security teams to observe, it provides context, too.
  • This context allows for a more tailored approach to threat hunting, in addition to a highly targeted and timely response to incidents. 


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