Security as a Service For All Businesses

How Security as a Service will Change the Way you Think about Security

The traditional train of thought on data security has been tossed out the door thanks to advancements in cloud computing. For a while, it was believed that data and sensitive information was safest if kept in-house, on-premise, and locked up. Your employees managing your own servers, infrastructure, and security software was considered best-practice. Outsourcing security was believed to carry inherent risks and severe consequences. This has changed rapidly thanks to growing trust and security in the cloud. 

Your business faces security concerns from all directions. Human error is all-to-common and cyber-attacks, like ransomware, are growing in number and costs each year. Cyber-attacks have cost organizations almost $600 billion dollars, according to McAfee. According to a study from Accenture, ransomware attacks have doubled in frequency from 13% to 27% since 2017. It’s growing clear that information security is at the forefront of the minds of CIO’s and other IT professionals. This is where SECaaS, or Security as a Service, can help organizations improve overall security. 

What is SECaaS? 

Like a number of other “as a service” models, a cloud service provider manages security services for your organization, eliminating the need to do so in-house. Cloud providers are able to integrate top tier, premium security into infrastructure for cloud tenants, like your business, who pay for the security services on a monthly basis.  

Overall, SECaaS helps drive down costs for your business while significantly improving security, all from the same company that provides your infrastructure in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. Plus, for those organizations who lack security expertise or can’t afford hiring skilled personnel to focus on security, SECaaS is a great way to outsource this expertise. If you’re a business that uses multiple vendors to manage cyber security, SECaaS, can replace and enhance your security systems so that you only have to manage one single vendor.  

The Benefits of SECaaS 

Cloud security services can cover all the bases of your organization’s needs, including multi-factor authentication, firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware/spyware, intrusion detection, penetration testing, email security, data loss prevention, etc. From email security to network security and infrastructure security, SECaaS allows your organization to tackle all of these areas at once with one service provider.  

SECaaS can be added to infrastructure and services that you already access in the cloud. For example, top tier cloud providers like NewCloud layer SECaaS on top of the cloud infrastructure, creating a one stop shop for all of your IT needs. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with several vendors at once.  

In many organizations, a lack of security expertise and professionals poses a serious roadblock to excellent security. Small and mid-size businesses that don’t have budget to hire and implement strong IT security can find affordable solutions with SECaaS, where security services are received and payments made following a monthly expense model.  

SECaaS also allows businesses to invest in best-of-breed security programs and applications amidst frequently changing and improving security technologies. You’ll never have to worry about updating old anti-virus software or investing in the newest security applications.  

The Bottom Line  

Cyber security is one of the largest concerns IT departments are facing today. Companies that lack security expertise or SECaaS offerings are at risk, as a breach or attack could cost millions of dollars or more. With SECaaS, you’ll be able to protect your organization against a new generation of complex cyber-attacks. Read more about preventing cyber attacks for your business. Contact us today.