Security as a Service For All Businesses

7 Traits the Top Security as a Service Providers Share

One of the most important factors that business owners need to take into consideration in recent times is cybersecurity. With the internet now part of the daily fabric of society, people are increasingly conducting their business as well as financial transactions online and also sharing confidential and personal information. As a result of the increase in online activities, cybercriminals now expend a lot of time and resources looking for ways to compromise business networks and access their data. 

With over 60% of businesses having experienced a cyberattack within the last year, it is important to implement measures that keep your network protected. One such method of protecting your network is by using Security as a Service (SECaaS).

With SECaaS, you outsource your cybersecurity needs to third-party specialists who are fully knowledgeable and well-equipped to protect business networks. The SECaaS solutions are cloud-based and delivered to your business network across the internet rather than locally. This frees up your resources, saves you money, and ensures that your network always has the most recent security updates.

When choosing a SECaaS provider, you should exercise care and make sure that the provider can meet the security needs of your business. Discussed below are seven traits that the top SECaaS providers share in common; these are the traits that you should look for before settling on an SECaaS provider.



Computer networks are expected to be constantly up and running at all hours of the day; unless planned, there should be no downtime. As such, network security systems should also be available around the clock as there is no telling when a security issue may arise requiring immediate action and resolution. This is especially the case as cybercriminals can target computer networks at any time of the day or night.

Top SECaaS providers are always available when needed, whether by day or night. They know how important network security is and ensure that someone is always on hand to respond.


Time is of the essence in the event of a cyberattack or network breach. The longer it takes to respond to a threat, the more time cybercriminals have to steal private data and cause damage to the network. Poor response times may also affect how long and how well the impacted business recovers from the cyberattack; due to the extent of damage, it may take a long time for some businesses to fully recover. In some instances, the damage caused may be so extensive that the business never recovers and shuts down.

Top SECaaS providers understand the significance of time in the event of a cyberattack or network threat. They are quick to respond and work to rapidly identify, contain, and neutralize the threat before there is extensive damage to the network or business.


The cybersecurity needs of businesses vary depending on the type of business and the size of the business, among several other factors. Business owners should invest their financial resources according to the security needs of their businesses. Not investing enough money in the right cybersecurity solutions, or investing in the wrong cybersecurity solutions, can leave businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks and network compromise. However, the business owners may not be aware of which cybersecurity solutions to invest in, or how much to spend.

Top SECaaS providers work with businesses in establishing their cybersecurity budgets. They provide recommendations regarding which cybersecurity solutions should be invested, as well as how much money is needed annually to ensure that their networks remain secure.


Sometimes, despite the best efforts, businesses experience data loss for a number of reasons ranging from cyberattacks to natural disasters. When these occur, how well the impacted businesses bounce back depends on the presence as well as the robustness of their disaster recovery solutions. Businesses that have an effective disaster recovery solution in place are able to restore any lost data and resume their operations with minimal disruptions to their normal business processes.

Top SECaaS providers know the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place in the event of a data loss. They ensure that all essential data is backed up regularly and frequently so that they can be easily retrieved after a data loss.


Multiple vendors are typically required to provide the hardware or software solutions needed to establish a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Care must be taken when selecting the vendors that will be used to provide the hardware or software; their products should be relevant to meet the business’s cybersecurity needs. In addition, if multiple vendors are used, it is important that their respective products are compatible with each other and will not cause any system conflicts.

Top SECaaS providers know the importance of vendor management. They work with the vendors to ensure that the right products are used in setting up cybersecurity solutions for businesses and that they are compatible.


Continuous network testing and monitoring are essential to ensure that networks remain fully protected from cyberattacks. The networks should be continuously tested, looking for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals; detected weaknesses should be remedied promptly. Additionally, the networks should be monitored for any active threats; these should be neutralized as soon as they are detected.

Top SECaaS providers have solutions in place that monitor the networks of their clients around the clock. They are always vigilant to any potential weaknesses or threats to the networks; they respond promptly to any detected threats or network vulnerabilities


As network threats evolve, becoming more sophisticated and advanced, it is important that networks are regularly updated to keep up with the advances. Security patches should be installed as soon as they become available, and hardware must be regularly maintained to ensure peak performance.

Top SECaaS providers work to constantly keep networks up to date. They keep abreast of the latest trends in cybersecurity as well as recent network threats and strategies; they then ensure that the networks are proactively optimized to prevent cyberattacks and keep data secure.



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