5 Reasons Security as a Service is a Good Investment

security as a service

Over the past few years, businesses have become increasingly aware of the need for cybersecurity. With more transactions being conducted online across the internet, businesses transmit and receive large volumes of data daily. These data have become a tempting target for cybercriminals who spend their time and resources devising strategies to access the data by compromising private business networks. As a business owner, one of the ways to secure your business network is by using Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS). 

SECaaS is a cloud-based service provided by third-party cybersecurity experts. When you outsource your cybersecurity needs to SECaaS specialists, they assume full responsibility for the protection of your network. The tools and applications needed to keep your business secure are delivered through the cloud to the devices within your network. All you have to do, as the business owner, is to pay a regular fee to your SECaaS provider for the services provided.

Of all the available cybersecurity strategies available, SECaaS is the best option if you are a small or medium-sized business owner. This is especially the case if you have limited security resources or are unfamiliar with cybersecurity strategies. Discussed below are five reasons why you should make the investment in SECaaS for your business security.


There are a lot of configurations that are made when setting up network security for a business. Examples of some of these configurations are user account setups, firewall configurations, and disaster recovery configurations, among others. Some of the configuration tasks are repetitive and take a lot of time as well as resources if done manually. Additionally, doing these tasks manually may lead to misconfiguration during the setup process or the omission of a critical setup step or configuration. Both the omission of important configuration items and misconfiguration during the setup process can cause security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals.

 One benefit of SECaaS is that it helps to reduce the number of items that are manually configured. With SECaaS, some configuration tasks can be automated rather than being manually performed. By automating some of the configuration items, the speed as well as the efficiency of the setup process increases. In addition, automation of some of the configuration tasks reduces the risks of errors during the setup process which thereby reduces the risks of security vulnerabilities.


The types of malware used by criminals as well as their cyberattack strategies are constantly evolving. As cybersecurity specialists develop solutions to existing cyber threats, cybercriminals continuously devise new and innovative ways to evade detection and successfully compromise business networks to steal their data. Good cybersecurity solutions should, therefore, not only be good at responding to existing recognized cyber threats; these solutions should also be able to recognize new or emerging threats and mount the appropriate counter-response.

 When you outsource to a SECaaS provider, you are not only protected against existing threats; you are also protected against new threats. Your security provider works to stay fully informed about any new kind of cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, your provider also ensures that your network security system remains fully configured to guard against novel cyber threats.


There are a lot of components and items to keep track of during the process of setting up effective cybersecurity for any business. Missing any of the key components during the setup process can leave the business network vulnerable to compromise by cybercriminals. Even for the best cybersecurity specialists, the process of setting up effective network security for a business can quickly become complex. The larger the organization, the more complexities involved in setting up a cybersecurity solution and the increased risk of configuration errors.

Using SECaaS as the cybersecurity strategy for your business helps to reduce the levels of complexity during setup as well as maintenance. By automating some of the tasks, there is greater efficiency during the security configuration process. In addition, with SECaaS, using a single provider makes it easy to manage and monitor the entire security network. This is in contrast to other security solutions where network security may be fragmented among multiple providers which may negatively impact the business’ cybersecurity.


One of the characteristics of an effective cybersecurity solution is that it should grow as well as adapt in accordance with the growth of the business. As more users or devices are added to a network, the cybersecurity solution should be easily scalable to accommodate the new additions. In addition, cybersecurity solutions should also be flexible enough to adjust to changes in business operating processes and functions.

Traditional locally hosted cybersecurity solutions are not readily scalable; their growth is limited by the capacity of the physical infrastructure. Once capacity is reached, further growth is only possible if the physical infrastructure is expended; this is often a costly endeavor. SECaaS, in contrast, allows for the easy expansion of security services as the need arises. Since SECaaS is cloud-based, there are no physical constraints limiting its growth; for all intents and purposes, its capacity for growth is practically limitless.


To ensure that a cybersecurity solution remains continuously optimized to guard against threats, it should be kept constantly up to date. This is especially because cybercriminals keep developing new cyberattack techniques and strategies. Failing to keep cybersecurity up to date may leave a business exposed to new forms to malware or cyberattack strategies by cybercriminals.

With SECaaS, your network security system is always kept up to date. The security provider constantly monitors the network to ensure that all the necessary hardware and software are fully operational. Regular maintenance tasks are done to ensure that network security works as expected. Security updates and upgrades are also performed timely so as to reduce the risks of vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise a network.

Bottom Line

At Cyber Sainik, we know the importance of having an effective cybersecurity solution to keep your network protected. We provide SECaaS solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We have cybersecurity experts ready to get you set up with our cybersecurity solutions. With our premier customer support, you are guaranteed to get hold of somebody whenever you need assistance. Contact us today to get started with us.

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